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Saturday, June 4, 2016



If their is one thing I would go back and tell my younger self . It would be to slow down,and enjoy each moment as if it was my last. As each moment you have is your last and you won't be able to go back in time to get a do over.

Most of us are hurrying through life trying to achieve our goals and that. Is the world we are in everyone is chasing something that few of us are truly happy or are actually enjoying the fact that we are alive.

Each second that passes is a second that brings you closer to your last breath. Taking control of your life is important after all we come into this world alone and will leave alone. Allow yourself to be the writer of your story and learn to be ok with the things you don't have control over."let go and let God mentality."

Don't let the images the media or the lives of other people influence your life because they are living their lives as they are and by you trying to imitate you rob yourself of your true destiny. I believe we all have a beginning and an end to this journey called life and what determines how hard or easy the road will be, is the choices we make or our lack of choice when we allow people to dictate our choices to us.

The lives we live are a direct result of the choices we have made and those we didn't make. Our path is a direct reflection of our actions and in that we live as a result of our past decisions.our future is what will determine, if it was all worth it.
Live.Love.Laugh.Learn and have fun.