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Untold lives of woman, is a woman's journey on the path life has set her on.
A blog about factors that affect the lives of women and where you can find inspiration.
The Un edited side of "life ".Where there is beauty in imperfection and knowing that through the support and wisdom we share with each other .We will help improve not only our own lives but the lives of generations to come.

Saturday, December 31, 2016


In life the only way you can truly make a resolution and stick to it is if you have absolutely had enough of something that you want to change.
Some of us are starting the year with hopes of success,fitness goals, better relationships,self improvement goals, etc. There is nothing wrong with all of that it's normal. However what's the point of setting yourself up for failure by the end of the first week. 
You can't allow yourself to fail you. You are all you have only know what your life is really like and if you can't improve on yourself, who do you expect to improve you. It starts with identifying your worth and loving you for you faults and all. Take a look in the mirror and look yourself in your eyes and see yourself and if you feel like looking away write down what made you feel that way and keep doing that till you have the list of things you have to improve on you need to work your way out from inside you can't fix the outer you without dealing with your core because change that starts from within is a change that will last lifetime.

Friday, December 30, 2016



After the long holiday the kids have had i know there are quite a  few moms that are excited to have the kid s going back to school and having them on a fixed schedule.

Before i was a mom.I would look at my older sister putting her kids to bed at 7:00pm and they  would literally be asleep by 7:15pm  .I felt like it was punishment .Like who on earth wants to sleep so early.

Well now years later, i can attest to the fact that that was one of the best things she ever taught me. Those 15 minute bathroom breaks .Where you literally go sit in the bathroom.Doing nothing. Just enjoying the tranquility because you know that nobody would dare hurry you out when your in the toilet. Hahahahah the struggle gets so real as a mom. Any how those 15 minutes are never  enough.

Cooking, cleaning, playing with your kids and giving them attention when they demand it during the day is no easy task and if you have a spouse to take care of as well it can be just too much to handle .

Personally i am so excited that schools are opening and now i understand why my parents and parents in general are always, so willing when it comes to school . More time for me to have to catch up with the rest of the world around me . My life literally goes on pause ,when i go on mommy mode and it is beautiful because, in those moments you find yourself doing things ,you would not usually do. You live life from your little ones perspective.

For those who do not understand the importance of bedtime  it is  like being served desert on a nice starry clear night hahahah.Its the only time a mom gets to do exactly what she needs  or wants to do sometimes its sleep sometimes its read or just drink a glass or two  of wine s you catch up on your favourite series.

In conclusion Goodnight .



People always get surprised when I say, "I am a mother to a daughter." they always insist I look too young.First of all I would like to thank God and my mom for the good genes. But they are right I had a child at 21 which some might consider young.

However,I have met women who had children while still getting their primary education and have listened to a variety of their stories. When they look back years down the line with with their children becoming teenagers. The one thing they can all agree on is that A child is always a blessing.
 The smiles on their faces is priceless and it warms my heart.

I write to all you,fellow young mums to give you some of the lessons I have learnt, and some that have been shared with me.

The decision to keep a child can be a daunting decision .Especially if you had not planned for it! But once u decide to choose love it becomes a blissful experience. "All a child needs is love and the rest will be provided" that was the first piece of advice I got it was very simple and that's what I hold on to this day.

Sharing a body with someone for 9 months
(depending on gestation period) is the most beautiful gift you can experience. For once you are not alone. Someone knows how you feel .Someone shares with you your food,your laughter,your tears, your worry,your blood and most importantly you get to communicate with that person growing inside you .In those months you share your daily experiences with someone and they felt every emotion. That is where they first connected with you. This bond is what makes each child special.

You then get to feel the pain of birth and in that, you learn that There is nothing you wouldn't do for you child.You feel what your mother felt when she pushed you out into this world. In that you learn to treasure your mother and you learn to appreciate her more because you realise everything she has done for you is out of her love for you.

When you spend the next 6 months looking at your child and them looking at you ,helplessly depending on you for everything.The bond grows sometimes stress, frustration,worry and anxiety too but that warm smile your toothless bundle of joy gives you melts it all away and that is unconditional love.

Each milestone passing and you get to see your child's personality. You see yourself in them and you want to protect them as best as you can but you then realise that everyone has their path on this earth and there is only so much u can do as you hope for the best.

As a mother there is no handbook that equips you to be the best parent or no handbook that helps you deal with the emotional whirlwind you go through when you become a mother. Everything you do is out of instinct and with that we need to cut our mothers some slack motherhood isn't easy.

What is important is to know that although you have no idea of what you are doing Trust in God. Don't ask him why just believe that he has your best interest at heart. The lessons learnt from motherhood are lessons you cannot get anywhere else.

Each day that passes, passes quick soon you get a hang of it. Some days are harder than others. The most important thing is to surround yourself with people who support and uplift you. Avoid toxicity in your life become blind and deaf to those that are constantly hating.  You will probably loose many friends or people you held dear to you along the way. But it is fine those that stick by your side even When you give them little reason to become like Gold.

The journey of motherhood is not easy and don't expect it to be. Live,Love,Learn and never stop dreaming because you now have someone who looks up to you and depends on you. Do what you need to do and don't settle for less than you deserve. Fulfil your dreams as you fulfil your child's grow together and I guarantee you when you look back at the journey you have been on you will be proud of yourself and your child will appreciate all you have done for them.

Lastly,Learn to love yourself and get to know yourself.Forgive yourself for your short comings and appreciate yourself for all your positive attributes


Friday, December 2, 2016


 US department of state
According to the US Department of state. Kenya is a source, transit, and destination country for men, women, and children subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking. Within the country, children are forced to labor in domestic service, agriculture, fishing, cattle herding, street vending, and begging. Children—both girls and boys—are also exploited in prostitution throughout Kenya, including in the coastal sex tourism industry; at times, their prostitution is facilitated by women in prostitution, “beach boys,” and sometimes family members. Children are exploited in prostitution by those working in sectors such as khat (a mild narcotic) cultivation areas, near Nyanza’s gold mines, along the coast by truck drivers transporting stones from quarries, and by fishermen on Lake Victoria. Kenyans voluntarily migrate to other East African nations, South Sudan, Angola, Europe, the United States, and the Middle East—particularly Saudi Arabia and Oman—in search of employment, where at times they are exploited in domestic servitude, massage parlors and brothels, or forced manual labor. Gay and bisexual Kenyan men are lured from universities with promises of overseas jobs, but are forced into prostitution in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Nairobi-based labor recruiters maintain networks in Uganda that recruit Rwandan and Ugandan workers through fraudulent offers of employment in the Middle East and Asia. Kenyan women are subjected to forced prostitution in Thailand by Ugandan and Nigerian traffickers Children from East Africa and South Sudan are subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking in Kenya; Kenyan children may endure similar exploitation in these countries. Kenya’s largest refugee camp complex, Dadaab, hosts hundreds of thousands of refugees and asylum seekers, and the security situation limits some humanitarian access, assistance, and protective services. Some Somali refugees reported the presence of al-Shabaab recruiters; a 2012 survey by a local NGO found fear of recruitment, especially of children, into this armed group was a concern of a small percentage of respondents. Some children in Kenya-based refugee camps may endure sex trafficking, while others are taken from the camps and forced to work on tobacco farms. Trucks transporting goods from Kenya to Somalia returned to Kenya with young girls and women subsequently placed into brothels in Nairobi or Mombasa. Indian women recruited to work in mujra dance clubs in Nairobi face debt bondage, which they are forced to pay off by dancing and performing sex acts. US department of state 

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