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Untold lives of woman, is a woman's journey on the path life has set her on.
A blog about factors that affect the lives of women and where you can find inspiration.
The Un edited side of "life ".Where there is beauty in imperfection and knowing that through the support and wisdom we share with each other .We will help improve not only our own lives but the lives of generations to come.

Friday, September 18, 2015


                                                                 LOVING EACH STAGE OF LIFE.

You only get one shot at every minute of everyday.the best thing to do is to truly maximize on each moment,because the reality is that time doesn't stand still all you have is the here and now  to live and  mend the wrongs made in the past and strive for a better future. However it's what you do now that guarantees your tomorrow .

The biggest mistake we make , is we want to get to various milestones set in life thinking we will feel happier or get a sense of fulfillment that we forget about the present time . 

A good example is when you re so eager to turn 13,so you can be called a teenager .Then when you do .Those two years fall through the cracks because, you were  counting down to when you get to sweet 16 .Which comes and passes and the anticipation for 18 begins because,you will receive a lot more freedom . However your truly legal when you turn 21,and when you get to 21,you realize how much you let get passed you.As a result of wanting to be older and treated like an adult .When you realize it's not as exciting as portrayed, and you wish you can have it all back for a moment.

After all your only young for a short while and the freedoms you thought you were missing out on will be there forever  but childhood is only so long.

Or in the case where your watching a newborn,and you wish they can sit up on there own then ,walk on there own,then they do all that and soon there talking playing and starting school ,at that point all you have left all are the memories of the past and the what if I was more patient and let nature take its course.

If you don't believe me  write a letter to your past Self and watch it actualise I front of you.

So if you have now seen that you have been hurrying through life ,you can't go back and change your actions  you just have to work with the here  and now  and start enjoying each moment.your current reality  is what it is because you've  gotten it and downs  make us better stronger versions of ourselves.
I always say don't cry when your down fight your way up.then laugh when it's done because  you are better for it.

Live,laugh,love and learn from each moment in your life and see you become a better version of yourself.

Monday, September 14, 2015



As a social Feminist I believe in the social,political,and economic equality of the sexes.
 As a Woman I believe we are here to create balance and bring out the beauty that is life.
 As a Christian I believe that we are here for a reason,with a purpose and on a journey with a destination in mind but on a path the Lord has put us on.
What I write is a representation of the untold parts of women's lives.
The sides of a woman .That you dont get to see,
The sides of a woman that aren't glamorous,the journey,the strength,the quest for success,family, friends,the struggles we go through,the inner battles that restrict us from fully utilizing our full potential,pain,the highs,the lows and finding the beauty from within ,and using it as the fuel that burns even when everything around you is falling apart.

This is also the journey that I am on and I use what I learn to inspire motivate uplift support and unite women because I believe that a woman's success should aid another woman's success and her failure a stepping stone to success on life's path.

 There's nothing on this earth you can go through that someone else hasn't already gone through,and the reason for this is not so we can compare how much better or worse we are from them.but to learn and pick each other up be there for each other in a way that uplifts, bring unity and strength.

To see the Rainbow you have to put up with the rain.. Everything I write comes from experience, and the heart without justifying the reasons for your current situation ,but knowing that the grass only gets greener,if you work towards getting it green,and never taking your eyes off the prize.



We all go through life pursuing what we consider our dreams, work successful jobs and families. Although we are all born with nothing it’s the choices we make and thoughts that make us different

The journey we embark on as we pursue our dreams is what determines our level of satisfaction/fulfilment .however achieving your goals doesn’t mean you are automatically a happy person because when you achieve your goals you have to set higher goals so it’s a never ending cycle .now if you ask yourself am i truly happy with my life? and you realise the answer is no. Then  you   know there are certain things you are not happy with but you haven’t changed.

The thing we have to realise that the things that constantly put us down are  the issues we never resolved completely. if in a week you keep getting upset over a certain situation you need to understand its nature’s way of telling you it’s time to make  a change. Because you can’t move on until you deal with whatever is holding you back, and the more you leave an issue unresolved it  then begins to build up and cause more issues until its a bigger problem than it initially was

Now we need to understand that situations can be changed or fixed however people cant be fixed as easy as we would like after all you can t teach an old dog new tricks. You may just end up putting your life on hold for a lost cause or maybe the cause wasn’t yours to fix.

You have to take time with yourself learn to love yourself a little bit more. Listen to your body mind heart and soul because if you dont you are the only one who will suffer

Being happy isn’t a complex mathematical problem its as simple as a hug and the simple things in life we take for granted are the things we end up missing out on and those are the things that will bring you the most joy don’t give yourself the massive things in life and forget the little things are the ones that bring the most joy.



(GVRC) Gender Violence Recovery Center, Nairobi hospital branch adams arcade ,kirichwa rd off ngong rd +254721696214/0721760146

Overtime  ,i have met  amazing women   .who have gone through alot in their  lives, and they strive to  do things better for their children .  as a mother, i understand that completely because no matter what i go through on this journey , i know  the love i have for my child will guide me on every decision i make .after all the lord is always in control .

I once met a  girl who was in her early twenties  who was in an abusive relationship and she stayed because she thought thats how he showed he loved her .i tried to explain to her that someone who loves you wouldn’t   want to cause you physical harm ,scar  you or even fracture any part of you because they would consider you a treasure they would never want to loose.

However i tried she never understood me she would call me and i would go to her some days i would get frustrated at her saying its what you want so you deal with it however i loved her and would still offer her my shoulder to learn on .till one day i asked her why do you think its love ?is it because he always comes home sorry with a treat for you after or because he crys saying he is sorry? her answer shocked me. She said” my dad used to beat my mum and im sure my mum stayed because she loved him too.”

 we stay in relationships for  various reasons some stay out of fear ,some stay because they think they have nowhere else to go or no financial capability. Whatever reason it is the reality is you will ever leave until you have had enough and realise you deserve better

Because those kids you think your protecting might one day find themselves in that very same situation and instead of getting help they will use your life as an example and follow  your example .

there is always someone willing to help you you just need to seek he help because everything happens for a reason and a season and maybe you have a greater purpose than you may see because of your current situation

if you know someone going through similar situation please dot give up on them and take them to the various centres available so they can know that someone loves them and cares for them for they are not

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