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Saturday, February 2, 2019



Have you ever been so mad at someone for so long , that you forget you still have unresolved issues with them .
Until you meet with them or hear from them that you realise you where still hurt and upset from something that happened ages ago.
And at the instant that they apologize you can literally feel the wall break and you are flooded by the realisation that a situation had held you captive .
Or even if they havent and might not apologize the fact that you still carry the trauma or the pain shows that in that situation you are held hostage to truly being free because their is something that denies you the true joy you would have if it didnt exist.
The thing with pain or hurt is that it digs a hole and that void created spreads and you eventually are overwhelmed with the thoughts of what you are lacking that you forget to acknowledge what you have.
Two people coming from a point of pain can never see eye to eye because each person believes that their pain is bigger than the other person that they miss to realise that they are the only two people directly affected

The pain directed at eachother only makes the situation worse.

No resolve can be reached because each individual feels wronged and each individual feels they are justified in their anger.
The truth is two wrongs can never make a right and if you dont feel that you are mature enough to be the better person it just means that you should because .In that moment your hurt is speaking louder than logic.
Closure means:   an act or process of closing something,
;closing down
;a procedure for ending a debate and taking a vote.
;a sense of resolution or conclusion at the end of something.
That said to give closure you must first accept that you are in need of coming to positive conclusion that will enable you to move forward without denying yourself true growth.
Live ,Love, Learn ,Laugh and heal all the invisible scars and rise above them like a phoenix from the ashes.