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Untold lives of woman, is a woman's journey on the path life has set her on.
A blog about factors that affect the lives of women and where you can find inspiration.
The Un edited side of "life ".Where there is beauty in imperfection and knowing that through the support and wisdom we share with each other .We will help improve not only our own lives but the lives of generations to come.

Sunday, January 31, 2016



Just like a caterpillar grows into a butterfly so does your story.we all know where we want our stories to End, Although we aren't sure about how we will get there ,everyday we see a bit of the future. That doesn't mean we stop when we see something we don't agree with otherwise we'd fulfil what we set out to do. When you want something you put up with the weather for however long it takes till you get what you want.

There's nothing certain about tomorrow the path your on may be the one u think your destined to be on. That is; until you see something that makes you re-think your original decision and adjust your life accordingly ,and to me that's what life is.
Theirs no right path we are all in a maze some roads don't bear fruit some come with a lovely gift at the end some are just dead ends but most importantly no matter what road you take there's always a lesson to be learned. Every experience you go through gifts you with skills you had to learn and that was the only way you would learn. sometimes the roads u thought were dead ends turn out to be new destinations to new beginnings.
Nothing happens without a reason everyone has an important role to play in this life and the people they get to interact with.Everything we do impacts our lives and the lives of those around us we unknowingly change the moods,feelings,thoughts and even dreams of people around us because our lessons,mistakes,pain,highs and lows aren't just our own.
 There's always someone who will be there to share it With just as there is someone to gloat when u take a tumble.we are each others inspiration in life positive or negative we shape not only our lives but those around us.
When you loose sight of your vision for yourself, your dreams feel un achievable. The path your have been on seems to consume you, that you loose sight of where u were going and in that moment you want to give up. Don't. Remind yourself where u want to be and don't let your story end before it begins.for obstacles will forever be what we see when we take our eyes off the prize

Monday, January 11, 2016



As a middle child in a family of 5 girls where my father was Muslim, my mother a Christian. We were told to choose which faith we wanted to follow.
I later chose Christianity and accepted the Lord as my Savior. However I always wanted to be different I wanted to be glamorous  and enjoy the perks of going out partying,traveling and living the life I .saw and wanted to have for myself and over the years I lived that life thinking it was something I really wanted however it wasn't fulfilling it wasn't everything It was painted out to be.
 Deep down I knew I was going to do big things I was going to do something I loved doing and I was going to be successful at it. however choosing the right path to get to where I wanted to be was harder than I anticipated and still is nothing comes easy you have to know what you want and constantly work your way up that path and still believing that even in the wake of all disaster it will happen.

There is a constant battle between knowing who you are and living who you are and that is something I think a lot of women young or old live with.
I recently read that "acceptance of one's self is the essence of the moral problem and the acid test of one's whole outlook on life. That I feel the beggar, that I forgive the insult that I love an enemy in Christ's name. And all of these are great virtues but what if I should discover. That the least among them all, the purest of the beggars,the most impudent of all the offenders that these all are in me and I myself stand in need of my own kindness that I myself are in need of my own kindness that I myself am the enemy that must be loved? What then?" take sometime and understand what you've just read.

Psychologists say that we form opinions of ourselves early in our lives.and our opinions are developed from both positive and negative experiences by others. Comments about us or by our perception of ourselves our society has given us role models in movie stars,fashion models we compare ourselves by world standards. Photo shop to enhance your beauty,hours of make up sessions to hide ourselves because we feel inadequate,  plastic surgery which in most occasions ends up botched. Yet the world cannot maintain its own standards of beauty what we have perceived as beauty is an illusion. A facade! Yet we try attain it because we look at. Our selves through the eyes of a secular society,not through the eyes of our loving creator.

The truth is you cannot be happy nor get where you want to be until you accept your self as who you really are flaws and all and that's something you will deal with for the rest of your life until look at yourself in the mirror and say
"I am beautiful inside and out I love me for who I am and I Would not want to be anyone else I am a diamond in the ruff and I accept myself for who I am and what I am not."
Our insecurities manifest themselves in many forms,inferiority,inadequacy,guilt,rejection, and un worthiness .  these feelings manifest into characteristics

That are undesirable they breed contempt, jealousy,gossip,hatred,self harm, anger issues and even hatred all these things are the reasons we fail to appreciate who we ourselves.
 Because we can't fool ourselves no amount of makeup can make you forget your inner struggles and all of this is something, I have dealt with maybe not as a wider scale as you, but you might be surprised.

 when I began walking down a path that I knew I was destined to walk not based on earthly standards but standards I knew were acceptable to all were realistic where a path that would please my creator,my mentor,myself where I don't have to throw myself under a bus to be happy, but would be willing to do and still look myself in the mirror and still be pleased just as God was pleased When he created me to do things no body else could do because we all have a purpose which is to benefit the greater good.

Sometimes we have to stop seeing ourselves through the unrealistic eyes of society but through the accepting,loving and fulfilling eyes of our creator and allow him to guide us down a path that he is in control of that way we won't have to rely on our own understanding for we fall short.

Ever since I discovered what I love doing and I accepted myself for who I am and what I am not living my life feels more fulfilling it's not any easier but I know I am at peace with myself and I am free to live a life I choose because I know there's more to life then the complex things of this earth

Wednesday, January 6, 2016



In my hand I hold the key to unlocking my aspirations,you might look at my hand and not see it but that doesn't mean it's not there

Faith is believing in things unseen,seen and that which is yet to come
Over the last few months l've come to realise that there is more to our words than we think.

If you take a moment to reflect on the power of words over time you will realise that most great actions came from a spoken Word.
 The world was formed When God spoke things into being with the Exception where he took the time to create us human beings out of his OWN IMAGE AND LIKENESS.The lesson I have come to learn from this is not only did he take his time to create us but he gave us part of him when he breathed in us the breath of life  he created us and gave us dominion over all beings he gave us priority over all things on earth especially the things that happen in and around our lives.

 Before we do anything. we think about it and then decide to make it an action the power comes in the decision to do it or not to do it. That's something we do every day we take it for granted and sometimes feel we don't have an option and the reality that is an option on its own you have the power to do great be great or the option to do nothing at all and live with the consequences but above all we ask the Lord to “let your will be done in your life" do we really understand what it means to actually live a life in that way.i believe the Lord God knows the intentions of your heart he knows your needs,hopes and aspirations in life and in our quest of pursuing these things we have to go out and live the life We hope to achieve, be the change you hope to see,in order for his guiding hand to be in your life. You always have a choice that's why he gave us free will.

Everyday we make decisions and we loose. The reasons as to why we began doing the things we started doing. if in a moment you never woke up think about all the things you would regret and all  the things you wish you had done and decide to start doing things that purely matter to yourself realise the power you have within yourself and remind yourself how important you are in this life to your creator

Don't give in to the pressures around you by letting all the negatives consume you. Remember the positives and all those around you who wish you well and are helping you get to where you want to be be your motivation to always chose hope instead of hopelessness

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