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Untold lives of woman, is a woman's journey on the path life has set her on.
A blog about factors that affect the lives of women and where you can find inspiration.
The Un edited side of "life ".Where there is beauty in imperfection and knowing that through the support and wisdom we share with each other .We will help improve not only our own lives but the lives of generations to come.

Friday, July 31, 2015



To be strong doesn’t only mean to have physical strength, it is not  to sit passively and watch your  world collapse and keeping a up a facade of strength in the face of it all. its fighting and not letting your world collapse without a fight.

 We all possess the ability to be  strong the only difference is how we choose to act.or rather how we behave in the moment of complete weakness.

I am a strong believer of passion,both in how we love and what we love doing. i believe to live means to seize each moment ,and believe in a better future in the wake of all disaster  ,and knowing from within what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Most of what i write s straight from the heart ,from a point of reasoning with your reality ,without justifying  the reasons for the current state of things ,but seeing that the grass only gets greener when you work towards getting it green.

There is a difference between, just dreaming  and actually fighting to achieve your  dreams and knowing when to stop and pause ,to adjust your dreams with your current state.

Love laugh live learn and never stop dreaming but above all work to achieve it all.



We are beautiful both on the inside and outside.
We love to love, and dream of fairy tales.
We want to live in love , and feel it in every aspect of your lives.
We give without expecting much.
We are tough but gentle creatures.
We are strong.
We don’t give up easily, and  fight for what we want no matter the cost .Even when surrounded by darkness, we see a brighter day and we never stop believing it will come.

Yet the love we have for each other ,seems to be filled with jealously ,envy,scorn and deceit .we see each other as competitors,an enemy of each other. we compete against each other instead of pulling out efforts together to build each other make our lives better.

Long have i seen a day, when we embrace  each other to build a  world with a global network of women or women. who fight for each other as passionately as we fight against eachother , truly and genuinely  with no ulterior motives .Fighting to make our lives better stand up for each other.Fight for what is rightfully ours stand behind each other,ready to help each other build a future that is for women.

We hold the keys  to a successful  life,our gentle hands are gifted  with the ability  to mould  and care for. Our ability to multitask,give us the ability to be successful in more than on aspect of life.

If we could mentor each other ,share our experiences with those younger than us and be there for those among us,who feel alone ,and be genuinely there  for each other .Supporting, caring ,sharing ,building and inspiring each other .We are destined for greatness  and that’s why we are suppressed .we need to break the chains enforced upon us.We all have similar stories ideas hopes and dreams and the only way to achieve it is  by standing together,and fighting for our liberation. So we can be free to live our lives as is best ,For dreams to become a reality ,and for all those who see us as less  than ,to realize they were wrong ,and for us to know within us that we are great no matter where we are from, or what colour our skin tone is and even whatever age we are.




It all begins one morning you rush to the bathroom (morning sickness) and what they forget to mention is it doesn’t only apply to just mornings. The heightened sense of smell the moodiness that some people can’t understand the weird cravings at odd hours and the specificness of the cravings, the days you don’t feel pretty but you mask it with the prettiest dress in your closet not forgetting the matching bag and killer shoes, decide on a spa day get your hair and nails done and you  say to yourself if look it im sure to feel it . some days it works someday it doesn’t and what can u do on the days it doesn’t  id say cry about it then brave the day with your head above your shoulders as most of us do anyway its how were built

Then when you get over the heightened sense of smell  your tummy starts to show  and pretty doesn’t feel pretty anymore. your constantly tired ,sleepy, irritable and mentally exhausted  but the world  doesn’t stop spinning you’ve got chores to do  errands  to run friends and family to keep u with a partner who needs your attention in some cases kids to take care of. A task that seems impossible you somehow u gather every bit of strength and do it all because there’s no other way its what you’ve been prepared for your whole life its the dream we all had above all we know its our role as the woman

Finally its d day and you know its time to meet your baby .you panic and ask yourself am i ready can i do this then the contractions begin nothing anyone has told you no amount of yoga or preparation can prepare you for that pain that rips through you like a sadistic form of torture one minute its there the next it s gone. So with each breath you prepare your body for the mighty task ahead. You almost  feel like giving up u can’t take it anymore but you know this is what it means to be a mother and you know now what your mother went through when she had you  and your thankful. All those moments of ogling over baby booties and watching the baby strength and watching your body move in a shocking way the stories the promises you made while holding your bun its time to meet the person that’s walked with you those 9 months shared the same blood body breath food  its time and with a last push and the cutting of the cord you hear the sound of the new love of your life your reason for being and with those big eyes looking at you. You know u never want to go wrong or loose that precious angel in your arms

Your made it and your exhausted but thats just the beginning your family and friends are  waiting to see the two of you and you know  your  journey now begins


Its every girls dream to find there prince charming and the whole family picture and we all cling on to that dream  because its been rooted to our subconscious  its what we have been told we have to achieve or society will view you as less of a woman .however there’s a huge difference between dreaming and living t he reality of the  dream.

We all have our love stories they may not include glass slippers and castles or foreign prince charming s but  the emotions  involved are similar a wild romance begins amazing dates hours in each others company amazing sex undivided attention you feel complete   to find someone to actualize your dreams with  someone to spend the rest of your life with you fall in love and truly love to  every aspect of the word you begin to adjust your life to fit and suit them ditch a  few habits you know don’t fit in to your new status  you wrap each other in your own universe of love and happiness  but  it doesn’t last forever all good things  come to an end or evolve into something different your no longer in your  safe zone your now on a path where things get real really fast and its not hearts and roses anymore.

Your now a mother priorities change you have this overwhelming urge to give your baby  your best you have to heal  you have to become your new role now balancing your previous life with your new role seems impossible because there things you don’t find as important anymore or you simply don’t have the needs to be schedules .dates  start becoming an indoor activity, lunches with the girls seem  lovely but leaving all you have to do  to go laugh for  few minutes seems  like a selfish task or u just don’t find the conversations as exciting as you once did .its not that you feel better than them  your just are in a different point in your life

Friends feel  left out and don’t give you peace  about it and when they stop  its coz they find another friend  with similar passions  some partners feel  replaced and look for someone or something to fill the void and your left torn wondering what you ve done wrong to begin with. You then start to  give more  than u receive and start to lose yourself  because you start to do what’s needed of you and the passion dies  you operate  mechanically as a result of the hurt and pain often feeling alone because not everyone can understand what your  going through and in most cases you come across s the bad guy because you have to make the hard decisions. You sacrifice a lot for the well being of everyone but yourself and you start to fade into the background and slowly you fade till a day you realise enough is enough but it might be too late to mend the relationships you have lost .however its never too late to learn to start with yourself fall in love with you again as you find the balance  what you once loved and all you love now

Mothers give a lot and seldom receive any gratitude and we have to accept its hw it is  we now  have to learn to love ourselves enough to say no because at the end of the day  if were not ok from within we cant progress  nether can the people in our lives because ethers so much being held back you have to accept what your reality is fix what needs to be fixed and pray to God it works and if it doesn’t let  it go the grass can  also be green where your standing 



We tend to look at the lives of other people around us ,saying we would have done things differently if we were in there place .judging them for their mistakes  not thinking for a second  we can end up in the same situation and even more doing the exact same thing they did .After all that which we judge we become.

As women we have a wide network for us learn, get wisdom and inspiration from each other because we all go through similar challenges.  our biggest problem is we tend to think we are better than the other and with that set of  mind frame we cant progress everyone make mistakes the only difference is how we learn from them and what we choose to do with your new found knowledge.

In order to learn we have to listen and truly listen we have to accept ourselves, and our current state as a learning experience and instead of retreating inwardly and feeling alone we have to listen to ourselves our inner voice because its never wrong   and the only time we fail ourselves is when we fail to  listen to that inner voice our 6th sense

To be able to listen to that inner voice you have to  KNOW who you are what you represent  what you stand for what you have to  offer out above all you have to love yourself

Someone once asked me do you love yourself? Because if you did you wouldn’t put up with some of the shit you put up with. And that statement shocked me but got me to thin do i love me c i look at myself in the mirror and say Mishi Khalid i love you and mean it you would think its a simple task but it really isn’t because as much as its simple to fool others you cannot fool yourself because you know your good and you know your bad side . and it was with that statement that lead me to learn to all in love with myself and accept myself warts and all and that’s what made it simple for me  to be able to accept each situation as it is  and open my mind to learn from those around me who have been through the exact same thing because IN LIFE THE ONLY CHEAT WE GET IS THE EXPERIENCE OF OTHERS BEFORE US and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and better

 We have to accept when we are wrong and listen when we are told we are wrong its never an easy task but we must understand  that through accepting who we are  we enable ourselves to become better and especially wiser

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