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Untold lives of woman, is a woman's journey on the path life has set her on.
A blog about factors that affect the lives of women and where you can find inspiration.
The Un edited side of "life ".Where there is beauty in imperfection and knowing that through the support and wisdom we share with each other .We will help improve not only our own lives but the lives of generations to come.

Thursday, March 2, 2023


If we where both two perfect beings would it be easier to accept eachother. Or does our past make it easier to hold on . Or is it the picture perfect future we could have.

If this was the hardest it was going to be should they face it alone or should they be there to hold eachother up .
Imagine the stories they would share on that swing facing the mountains.

Two souls far and close seem so much further than closer most days .Yet when they lock eyes its more than words can express. Peace, perfection . Home.

Would it be easier to pull the rope in the same direction rather than tug in different directions out of fear. To find it all and to loose it all or to gain it all.

If our existence was long and hard just for us to survive  to take care of those we love . Doesn't that mean at one point we would have to stop to  find our new selves and rediscover who we are now and start to take care of ourselves by taking care of eachother.

The tree that caught fire said let go. The fragile angel said hold on . The bleeding roses said i wasn't the cause . Yet the heart of the compass continued to point to its true north.

Time will tell. Time has told and time continues to say many things but are you listening.

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