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Monday, February 24, 2020


Love is seen and kindness is felt.and that's what the world needs the most.
Pure love and pure kindness.
There are three kinds of people.
Those that grew up with the best dad in their homes and took it for granted.
The ones that grew up without a father in their home envying those that where lucky enough to have one.
Lastly those that grew up wishing they didn't have their father around  but feel that their life would have been better without him in it.

However what they will all have in common  is that they  will all share the pain of a fathers abscence at one point .
I say all that to say that it is in human nature to only appreciate what we have after the loss of it.

I like a quote that says,''you can not change a person who doesnt see the error in  their actions''because we spend  alot of time trying to correct people or change people and all we do is end up hurting ourselves and  those around us in the process.
People are the way they are because that is who they choose to be.
Their is nothing you can do to change someone unless they want the help.One thing i learnt when i became a parent is that , Being a parent  is  a series of conscious decisions  made every single day to  choose to BE THERE FOR YOUR CHILD.

As kids we expect that our  parents to have all the answers and when they dont its almost offensive to us. What we forget is that, You can't  give a solution to a problem  if you havent  figured it out yourself.
You can't  allow yourself to damage your own life as a result of someone elses actions.
You also cant choose to play the victim for the rest of your life .
Your life turned out the way it is because that was a lesson for you to learn and it had to be  apart of your history.

What you have to do is accept that it happend because looking  for someone to blame can't undo what was done. It will not change your situation. Only make it worse.
Nobody can can heal you . Nobody can complete you or fill the void that was left as a result.
The only way you heal is by you dealing with the harsh reality .
The actual truth.
Otherwise the rejection or pain you  went through or continue to go through will only make it difficult for you and  those who choose to be around you.

You also cant hide behind being  tough or looking tough because that shell does crack.
Pretending to be a savage will not heal that hole in your heart. Trying to be tough in the name of protecting yourself you only drive people that are trying to help you away, and guess what no man is an  island.  If you choose to be one  just know it is a very lonely place to be.