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Sunday, February 11, 2018


This title  is enough to send quivers down many spines . With questions such as, why do men need empowerment ? What is male empowerment?
Aren't you supposed to be writing about untold lives of women ?
Well, women and men's lives go hand in hand.

Before i go further let me address the misconception that empowering women is dis empowering men . (Unless your a chauvinist and prefer to rule over your woman.) Thinking like this is primitive. Empowering one empowers all .

Empowerment takes many forms. For this article I'm talking about support ,encouragement and motivation. It is undeniable that some of the issues that men go through ,they lack the proper guidance or  support  because of the mental label that "Men are strong.

Which brings me to the topic of this post. Who is meant to empower the boy child? And who is this that over empowers the girl child?

The answer to this is rather simple . 
Firstly their is nothing as over empowerment.

Secondly , for the boy child to be empowered we first must empower men so that they stop acting as boys themselves.
In my opinion . A large majority of men in this country. Are always ready  to point a finger , but rarely step up to the plate . People will complain, "single mothers raise their boys too soft or women have taken up male roles." Leaving the man feeling emasculated. Or that too much emphasis has been put on empowering the girl child, and the boy child has been left out.

The reason why emphasis has been placed on the girl child. Is as a result of the position society has placed her. For the longest time a woman was considered "less than" . To this day women still fight for equality in terms of payment , job opportunities and many more . Women continuously struggle to attain their own Independence/freedom. 

The boy child has been empowered in the sense that; he  has not had to break through any boundary (no man has been denied a job position based on gender ,denied equal pay based on gender e.t.c ).He does as he pleases. The worse he behaves, the more credit he gets in front of his peers . 

The main issue here  is that the boy child no longer has a decent role model in his life .He lacks the proper guidance needed to become a man. 

Over the years . The boy child has taken a back seat, as women came together to ensure the future girl child. Is able to live a life without chauvinistic restrictions.
The boy child was left to fend for himself. While the men of the home took on the responsibility of looking for an income to support the family the male child would turn to his peers and that is where the male child learn to be a man.

Learning from peers is what has contributed to alot of the mistakes young men make. With no guidelines anything is fair game .How can we shape future leaders if they lack proper guidance.

Fathers seldom told their sons i love you but instead resorted to tough love and to alot of men they seldom made their parents proud in a way the parent expected resulting in low self esteem.

In conclusion, Its easy to say the boy child has been neglected and do nothing about it. Men need to support the boy child by creating a support system for them so that they know how to deal with the pressure that is "manhood/being a man."