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Sunday, January 21, 2018


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Acceptance of ones self
As a woman hair is part of our definition of beauty. Its something thats been rooted in us since childhood. Our mothers did our hair or would take us to get our hair done and the reason was to make us look beautiful.

Our hair became our identity and different hair styles make us feel different .However we can all agree a good hair day or just getting a new hair style workes wonders on our confidence levels.
Our hair tells the world who we are without us even uttering a word. A good example is how people sterio-type. Dreadlocks with rebels or blonds as being blond.which isn't necessarily true however the assumption doesn't go away.

When a woman takes a moment to reflect back on the colourful story of her life each chapter is defined by the diverse hairstyles she it a passionate relationship or straight on depression.

Hair holds so much more energy than most of us are aware of. there is usually a direct correlation between what's happening on our heads and what's happening in our lives. That's why the hair industry does so well.

However, there comes a point in every womans life where, the urge to cut your hair gets really loud and that's often the beginning of something, new and exciting.

Here are a few reasons as to why women cut there hair

1.Haircuts are a symbol of change (saying goodye to the past and hallo to a new beginning)
Sometimes the fastest way to create a new and better version of yourself is to cut your hair. You say good bye to a part of you and embrace new change. I.e if you dyed your hair red for a person you were dating, and you broke up the sight of your own hair can disgust. You so the new change dis engages you from, then and puts you in a healing path through change.

2.A haircut allows you to rediscover yourself.
Hair is a woman veil and if it's long enough you hide behind your hair with long fringes , style your hair to flow around your face and hair hides a lot .From shyness to insecurities of your facial features.
When you cut it off you strip yourself of the false sense of safety it provides ,and when you look in the mirror. You are forced to see you. For who you are and in that you get a chance to, redefine what beauty means to you.

3.Sometimes a woman just wants to try out something different.

4.Cutting hair is freeing.
If you calculate the amount of money and time  spent doing hair . Its ridiculous and sometimes you just need to be able to wake up and leave the house without the hustle of it all. Without the weight of it all. Feel free and care free 

5.Cutting hair is a way of letting go off fear and finding strength in the unknown.
When you get the courage to cut your hair you are aware of yourself. You are aware of what you are and what you are not. You own who You are and you cut away the preconceived notions of who you are supposed to be.

6.Sometimes you just need to cut off all the damage caused by over heating and straining from styling and go back to your natural hair.

Personally, i have cut my hair way too many times for all the reasons ive stated. It feels good at the moment and it is a constant reminder of the new change. 

However, what i have learnt is. For true change to occur you dont need to cut your hair the change hapoens from within and when it does you will not need a physical reminder .you will be 100%Sure . Anything that needs constant reminder means that you are not convinced it was a good idea to begin with. As women we feel strongly about something one minute the next we don't .So don't act on impulse .
Your hair has nothing to do with what you are feeling inside.

I love the song by india arie that says i am not my hair. I am not my skin . l am not your expectations. I am that soul that lives within it all .(The song)

Live, learn, laugh ,heal and never stop dreaming .
Everything has its season and yours is just beginning.