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Wednesday, August 24, 2016


The woman
You hear about love. You know each and every fairy tale love story by heart and it gets to a time when you want love for yourself.
Each and every person you cry over thinking they where the one. A stepping stone on your pursuit of your one true love.
And then you fall in love
The  butterflies in your tummy begin and the smiles that  make your cheeks ache become apart of the routeen. Endless  hours on the phone .hours together seem like minuites it even seems like time is ripping you off.
 Two hearts merge as one something you both feel a level of completeness you feel in each others embrace .
As a woman its everything you hope for to meet and fall in love  with the man you want to spend the rest of your life with.
A man to love you, hold you, assure you. laugh at your silly jokes and most importantly listen to you  .
Thats what attracts you at first then you realise that its not just what love exerts in a relationship.
You then fall in love with the subtle looks he gives and can tell exactly what he is thinking. You love the smile he gives you when you make his day and you begin to want to make that smile permanent and you begin giving bits and pieces of yourself.
NOt because you feel you need to but because you want to . This is where you discover the parts of love that nobody tells you about
The part where you now have to embody the WOMAN ROLE  just as Adam couldnt live alone the reasons for eve being his support system .
Something different from what you expected  so different from all you hear.
The most important lesson you learn that hardness we are made to think men are built of and then you realise that men are fragile not the image of composure we are led to believe ..
You then realise that you hold the keys and you have to be patient and loving and kind in the way you mould him and bring out all the greatness that is in him.
That's when you understand the phrase Behind every great man is a woman" something you cant understand until you experience its no longer a competition you no longer need to be at the same level
You are ok giving your all behind the scenes to ensure he embodies the level of greatness he is

The man
Love defined itself to me
And unwrapped itself to ambiguity
Only to reveal itself again in a more profound way
Let's be clear I live in a third world country with a 1st world mentality....this is the medium through which I experience life
I believed love to be all around me, displayed in the affections projected towards me and in turn I experienced and replicated
It was something to be shown in my understanding
As I grew older I begun to understand the selflessness on love in my sacrifices and the sacrifices others made for me, but still this relegated me to a place where I felt I owed someone for so selflessly loving me, leaving me to realise that there was more to it.
Thing about love is it sets u free rather than binds u.
It transforms for the better
It has sacrifice but also bestows gifts
It is a journey through a dreamy garden
That has intense fears and unbelievable hopes
Has both Gouls and angels
A place that will break your spirit and build your vision
The apex of interpersonal interaction
To fall in love
With the ugly and the beautiful in a person
To journey the unknown together
To be able close the world to the attention of two
An abstract man and a complex woman
Finally finding common ground
In the eye of a storm
And never giving up holding on to each other because they are all they have got and they are all they need

Both of them to you

Finding love is not easy ,neither is keeping love . A relationship is hard but finding the right person is a gift. When you find a person that fills the gap and you complete each other. Keep working at it don't be fooled to give up and later regret.
Think of love as a safety belt and then buckle up its going to be a wild ride.
 Fight for what is worth fighting and you will be that couple in there 60's looking back more in love than they were day one because the journey brought them closer. Don't wait for things to get worse to start fixing them start now.