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Wednesday, February 17, 2016



Anyone can make themselves have a lighter complexion ,but nobody can become black.

we are unique we are special why would we want to take that away. why are we robbing ourselves of our rich heritage.

I am proud to be of African decent. I love my curly hair .I love the colour of my skin .I love the beauty that is Africa home to the the most beautiful natural resources ,animals, diamonds, gold ,and other gems.the cradle of man kind the first civilization.We Are undoubtedly blessed.

Writing this post has given me the opportunity to retrace our history and remind myself how far we have come,the sacrifice, the loss of lives,the journey black people have been on from slavery ,to colonization,to apartheid and fighting for our God given rights that where taken from us leaving us to wonder if we are any lesser than the rest of the world.fighting for independence and equality.
A fight that still goes on today.

Yet here we are in the 21st century we've lost our roots,our identity is slowly fading away. this generation is absorbing so much the western world is feeding us. Blindly accepting and not seeing that we are robbing our selves of our true identity

Over time the world has defined what physical beauty is. And more and more women have started to conform to those eludes me how We have let society dictate what we should consider beauty.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder there is no way we can give a standard look to equate to is all around us look at our rich culture, and history the beauty in Egypt the most civilized people are of African roots.the wisdom from our forefathers the beautiful golden skin of the Khoisan is southern Africa our Rich culture from the coastal regions endless resources in central and western Africa. Rwanda s beautiful faces the Masai whose traditional blankets where used on the runway . We don't get to appreciate what we have we don't get to enjoy our own gems my heart breaks knowing how quick we are to violence how we are supplied with arms, corrupt officials to hinder our own progress. We are all human so when does this all end when will I be treated as a human being.

I am not my skin ,I am the soul that lives within ,and if the vessel that carries me happens to be black. Then I will wear my skin as proud as my creator was ,when he created me because he is perfection and doesn't make mistakes.

We need to look back at our history and see the path we have walked. We need to OPEN our eyes and see what filth we are being fed just because they took off the chains doesn't mean we are free.i am not being sadistic and taking us back to the past is repeating itself in the most unexpected manner subtly and We are embracing it all the work our forefathers fought for is fading away.
We are enclosing ourselves in a box and before we realize it will be too late there Will be no where out.